Incolay Stone Boxes

Incolay Stone is a complex combination of quart based minerals such as Rose Quartz, Sapphire Blue, Sardonyx, Carnelian, Onyx and Banded Agate, combined to produce these elegant pieces. The White Artwork is hand inlaid, and the variegated background is hand stratified. The two chemically fuse together into one solid piece of Incolay Stone. Each Piece is handcrafted and has a one of a kind stone formation. No two pieces can ever be identical and they are proudly made in the United States of America. If the art works that you are looking for are not in this page call (805) 358-4040 or fax us (805) 493-5937.

INCOLAY products vary from reproductions of classic antiques to modern day artist renderings. We produce "trinket" boxes, as well as "treasure" boxes. Many function as jewelry boxes and men's valets. Our hope is to re-introduce our music boxes in the very near future. Most of our wall decor, mirrors and clocks are reproductions of antiques as well. As all of our work is handcrafted, no two pieces can ever be identical. Our products are proudly made in the United States of America. Our materials are also obtained in the United States. With workmanship second to none, we have designed INCOLAY products to endure the test of time while creating memories to last a lifetime.
We welcome custom orders. We can create a piece of art based on your specifications, design, or logo. For yourself, your Family or Company's emblem. We can also personalize your treasure; engraved in the INCOLAY stone, or on an attached plaque.


INCOLAY™ Collectibles Appeared in Las Vegas at the 40TH Annual Academy of Country Music Awards
The brightest stars in the Country Music galaxy will be the recipients of an array of fine gifts at The 40th Annual Academy of Country Music Awards. INCOLAY™ is honored to have their exquisite collectibles included in the famous gift baskets, prepared by Distinctive Assets, a Los Angeles based entertainment marketing company. The baskets will be given to presenters and performers as well as select executives. The show will be aired live on CBS Tuesday evening, May 17th from the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas.

San Fernando, CA (PRWEB) May 14, 2005 --
INCOLAY™ products are known throughout the world for their quality and superior workmanship. The artisans at INCOLAY™ utilize a process by which they are able to reproduce with precision and detail, the finest works of antiquity as well as the work of today's exceptional sculptors. These handcrafted treasures are very proudly made in the United States of America.
As ‘Masters of Classic Imagery and Distinguished Art Reproductions’, INCOLAY™ is legendary for their jewelry and decorative cases as well as distinctive wall décor. This old world form of artistry is the pride of INCOLAY™ and one of the best kept secrets of the “Golden State”. These beautiful creations often become cherished heirlooms passed from generation to generation.


Angels at Play a-0575
[ Angels at Play ]
Spirited Morning h-0582
[ Spirited Morning ]
Elk d-0595
[ Elk ]
April's Heart f-059
[ Butterfly's Heart ]
Bison Battle bb-0599
[ Bison Battle ]
Small Bass m-05130
[ Small Bass ]
Beautiful rv-0522
[ Beautiful ]
Queen's Delight rv-0526
[ Queen's Delight ]
Double Heart Doves b-0540
[ Double Heart Doves ]
First Gallop h-0586
[ First Gallop ]
Buck and Doe d-0591
[ Buck and Doe ]
Sloop m-05126
[ Sloop ]
Hummies First Spring b-0542
[ Hummies 1st. Spring ]
Dia's Dolphin m-05121
[ Dia's Dolphin ]
Heart Fleurs f-0510
[ Heart Fleurs ]
Dolphin's Duet m-05122
[ Dolphin's Duet ]
Prancing h-0587
[ Prancing ]
Racing With The Wind h-0590
[ Racing With The Wind ]
Stag Valet d-0592
[ Stag Valet ]
Ocean Fun m-05123
[ Ocean Fun ]
Pintail Duck m-05134
[ Pintail Duck ]
Katie's Horse h-0583
[ Katie's Horse ]
Facinated Feline c-0559
[ Facinated Feline ]
Lucky Equine h-0585
[ Lucky Equine ]

[ Incolay Finishes ]


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If you have any questions or prefer to order over the phone please, Call/Text (805)358-4040. Fax (805)493-5937 or [ E-Mail us ]. You can also [ Call Free!! Skype Us ],
We ship all over the world !. Guaranteed Satisfaction. Manufacturer and Manufacturer's representatives, Dealers, Interior Designers and Trade Inquiries are Welcome.

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